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Panasonic - AU-VEXT1G Varicam Extension Module for Varicam 35/HS


Panasonic - AU-VEXT1G Varicam Extension Module for Varicam 35/HS

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  • Allows Separation of Camera and Recorder
  • Takes Advantage of Modular Varicam 35/HS
  • Maintains Camera Functionality

Take advantage of the modular nature of your Varicam 35 with Panasonic's Varicam Extension Module, which allows you to separate the camera head from the recorder unit by over 65 feet. The extension module consists of a camera-side and recorder-side unit, which connect together for storage and transport.

With the extension module you can mount the camera head in places the full sized camera can't fit, or the full weight of the camera/recorder would be an issue such as on jibs, cranes and helicopter applications. The camera component features a gold-mount battery plate that matches the plate on the camera's recording unit. Once the modules are mounted on both the camera and recorder unit, you will need an extension cable, which is required but not included.

The module maintains the full functionality of the Varicam 35/HS, including 120 fps recording
Each half of the module attaches to its complement
The module for the camera head incorporates a Gold Mount battery mount to power the camera head and extension module
The recorder module also requires power

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